Alaris Security, Inc. can aide in the development of a comprehensive security plan based on CCTV (Closed Circuit Television. We offer CCTV, Access Control, Permanent Installation and Remote Monitoring. We offer a full array of installment and Systems Integration Solutions, all designed to fit your particular needs. Whether you are in need of video surveillance equipment or looking to upgrade, repair or improve upon your existing system, our team can help you implement the optimal system for your personal and business needs.

We are able to fully design a CCTV security system to your specific requirements, application and budget. The company prides itself on using only the highest quality CCTV security equipment to ensure reliability and customer satisfaction. We have supplied CCTV security systems for private companies and public sector organizations throughout southern California. From covert CCTV security systems to visible deterrents, our systems and professional CCTV security services provide users with a comprehensive solution to meet operational needs involving security, safety, surveillance, control and communication.

Our team of professionals will consult, design, Install and service every stage of security systems for any type of business environment. Whether your business setting environment. Whether your business setting is a warehouse, office building, parking lot or storefront, these are just some of the kinds of security equipment we’ll make available to you with the ability to monitor and control your location via internet from anywhere in the world.