You know you’re managing your sites well if your residents have no complaints. You need to keep the wheels running smoothly, ensuring that buildings, people and property are safe. But you also need to keep costs down.

Alaris Trak’s Visitor, Resident and Package Management module provides a cost-effective solution, empowering security personnel to handle concierge responsibilities, while providing you with tools to control the processes.

Alaris Trak’s technology enables you to make information automatic and systematic, so guards know exactly what to do in any given situation. And it keeps detailed track of the ow of people and activities, so the risk of incidents to your property or your residents’ property is minimized.

Real-time communication and visibility Flexibility to accomodate the unexpected Data-driven performance Accountability to
deliver and meet service agreements
  • Dispatch tickets based on GPS location
  • Provide officers updated information as it becomes available
  • Add comments and images to dispatched tickets
  • Site specific information provides officers details unique to the site (access codes, etc.)
  • Officers receive real- time updates to job schedules
  • Dispatch can reassign jobs to ensure coverage
  • Mobile application allows officers to accept/reject new jobs
  • Flexibility to assign tickets to a group of officers of a single unit
  • Integration with Alaris Trak’s Analytics provides visibility into site incident history
  • Build custom charts to measure performance by employee, job type, and more
  • Content rich reports can include diagrams, images, signatures, and more
  • Clients get a complete report via email or through their client portal
  • Set unique warning and alert thresholds for each ticket status
  • Use Alaris Trak’s route optimization to automatically increase mobile efficiency
  • Runsheet progress shows jobs completed and missed by officers