Your responsibility for security on your properties doesn’t end with contracting a security firm. You put a lot of effort into defining detailed protocols and keeping them up to date. You constantly evaluate your choice of agency to make sure protocols are followed and reports provide you with information in a timely manner. Ideally, you need to be able to independently verify what’s happening, so you can take immediate corrective action and plan for continuous improvement.

Significantly reduce omissions and ensure diligent compliance of your security protocols.

Ensure compliance with protocols Control in Real Time Set up and manage easily
  • NFC technology ensures guards visit checkpoint
  • Precise instructions per site or checkpoint
  • Important reminders displayed upon scanning checkpoint
  • Custom forms and veri cations lists can also be prompted
  • Tour-status display, including duration, missed checkpoints and collected reports
  • Data accessible instantly via mobile device
  • Centralized management of single or multiple sites from a single dashboard
  • Discreet, low-cost, weather-proof tokens
  • No system installation or server maintenance required
  • Mobile access from any Android device supporting NFC technology

The Final Frontier of Guard Tour

Increase accountability and enhance eld visibility. Alaris Trak’s geo-fencing provides a robust suite of notifications and options that can be tailored to support coverage expectations for any site. The notifications triggers work seamlessly with the virtual barriers of the geo-fence to capture different types of events such as entering, leaving or remaining in de ned geo-zones.

Create geo-fences for authorized and unauthorized areas and stay in control with real-time SMS and/or email notifications.

  • Flexibility to create several geo-zones per site
  • Options to con gure authorized and unauthorized geo-zones
  • Real-time SMS and email noti cations
  • Robust noti cation center for di erent types of geo-events